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Raintruffle is a new,  pocket-sized professional and personal development tool by Kissing With Confidence.

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What's Inside?

Here's a quick whistle-stop tour of some of the key features you'll find in Raintruffle. But in our opinion, the best way to experience it is to just jump right in.

This is the BD tool in your pocket.  

Two minutes is long enough (try holding your breath) and we bet you’ll scroll through five of these wee inspirational gems over a coffee.

Dive in!

Ignite your spark!

Rainmakers use their abilities to grow businesses. Here our motivational makers share three key traits that fuelled their success, all in 15 minutes. 

That’s four pitch-perfect packages of inspiration an hour.

At Raintruffle we have three categories of Maker:

RAINMAKER: supreme sales peeps

PITCHMAKER: outstanding orators

TEAMMAKER: terrific teambuilders

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Each month we host a number of events, free to Raintruffle Members who are KWC Alumni. 

 The Gathering 

Bringing together great minds for great conversation.

Over a fast 45 minutes one of our experts opens with a big picture 15 minutes then it’s on to the REMO floor for trenchant discussion and debate. Intense dissection of a top topic and trenchant chat, with useful networking after.

What’s not to like?

Reserve and see our programme of events HERE.  

Truffle Taster 

One Friday a month a Truffle Taster gem gets delivered in a punchy 30 minutes of delight, with a smidge of useful networking before and after. If that blows your hair back.

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Read, discuss: be inspired!

You know the drill. Every month a new book is selected, read, then we get together and chew the fat about it.

Inaugural Book Club details coming soon. Meantime, suggest some worthy tomes!

Our stories are what define us and stories are what got the human race to here.

We call these "Gaffer Dazzlers". Three-minute analogies created, delivered and deconstructed to bring out your inner storyteller. 

We want to feature the best stories… Ping us. 

This section does what it says on the tin.

Enjoy inspirational reading, motivational quotes, blogs and more to inspire you and send your personal development into the stratosphere.