Created over 20 years, Raintruffle is your pocket rocket. An amazing professional development tool at your finger tips.

Kissing With Confidence delivered their first training event in 1999, a public speaking programme in Glasgow. These were heady days of A5 folders humped to clients in brown boxes tied up with string: beautiful things. To date over 37,000 souls have been taught the Kissing With Confidence Method and our clients have won billions in pitches.

The financial crash of 2008 inspired our Rainmaker sales programme, until recently delivered to professionals in fancy offices and snazzy hotels in the UK and Europe. In the spring of 2020 along came Zoom and, after we shat ourselves a wee bit, our hearts went boom. Taking to Live Virtual Learning like a chameleon to a grasshopper, our fast-paced outcome focussed house style fit perfectly into delivering into the ether all over the world.

But there was more. Over two decades we had amassed tens of thousands of Alumni across the world, but had been remiss in keeping them front of mind. It was time to give them some Truffle Lovin’… so Raintuffle was born.

Raintruffle delivers constantly updated world class learning right into your pocket, whenever you need it.

It’s been quite a journey, purple fingers from those boxes of A5 folders to two minute tips on your mobile, but this is just the beginning. Jump in and enjoy, but most of all get involved!

We’d love to hear from you.